About LJI

Vision + Opportunity • Resolve = Renewal

LJI sees Recovery for this region, but the vision, the opportunity, and the resolve must come first. It is only then that the signs of Recovery will be apparent. LJI closes its equation with the core principles of international human rights law that LJI recognizes are at the core of our work:

  • Right of Return; All displaced persons must realize their Right of Return.
  • Right to Citizenship; All persons must retain their Right of Citizenship in their communities.
  • Right to Self-Determination; All citizens, regardless of economic status and race, must have the opportunity to participate in shaping the vision of, and in rebuilding, their communities. All citizens must also have access to wealth-building opportunities flowing from rebuilding capital investments.
  • Right to Housing; All citizens must have affordable housing in livable neighborhoods.
  • Right to Work; All citizens must be guaranteed payment of a livable wage and just working conditions.
  • Right to Health; Health care for all citizens must be affordable and accessible.
  • Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression; All citizens must have access to the emerging high technology communications infrastructure.